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About us

What differentiates us

Unique as your business, no generic mass mailing! 

We honor your brand image, technology along with your USP. We tailor our approach
to your targeted audience, considering geography, industry verticals, market segments and the profiles of decision-makers. 

We are certified partners of AWS, Google and Microsoft!

Boasting over 9 years of experience in the IT sector, our dedicated customer base includes 
+300 companies, such as system integrators and independent software vendors throughout

 EMEA and the US. We conduct campaigns in the Benelux countries, France, Spain, Portugal, 

Italy, the Nordics, DACH, CEE, UK, Israel and the Americas.

We welcome your marketing development funds!

Tech & Brain: AI assisted solutions plus human talent!

We invest in intelligent telemarketing technology and skilled human capital.

Our state-of-the-art solutions for operational efficiency, including AI-driven

prospecting, are matched with our tech-savvy agents who possess relevant education (master's/bachelor's degrees). We provide training and accreditations, including

AWS, MSFT, and Google certifications, to our colleagues.

case Study

... for a "Well architected Review" Campaign

Lets assume...

      - average 50.000 EUR annual contract value,
      -  average sales cycle of 6 months 
      - a conversion of 30% on top SQLS.

    1. focus on greenfield opportunities or

         leads from a cloud partner

    2. utilize your marketing development funds (MDFs)

    3. identify legacy systems to highlight

         security vulnerabilities

    4. offer "Well-Architected Reviews" as

         a conversation starter

    5. target accounts with > 400 employees in

    the Nordics, across all industry vertigals and obtain meaningfurl conversation appointments with senior leadership decision-makers (CxO, VP, directors)

    1. Identify 1,032 contacts across 125 companies.

    2. Convert, on average, 10% to result in 12 SQLs.

    3. Deliver 12 qualified leads from those conversions.

    4. Schedule appointments for the sales team.

    5. Enable meaningful conversations with promising
         prospects for the sales pipeline.

    Maths and not a lucky punch!

    1. +12 appointments = +2 deals per month

    2. resulting in 430.000 EUR annual revenue on

    3. that is 400% ROI during the first 12 months


    You know your tech stack,

    You are focused and swift,

    You are obsessed with customers,

    And you own your USP like no one else...

    But LeadGen is hard
    if you lack the resources to make more
    than 12,000 calls per year or the cultural and
    language skills required to enter a specific market.

    Challenge accepted!

To most people, the sky is the limit.

But to those

who love aviation, 
the sky is home!

Working With Us

4 Stages in a Vendimus campaign

Week 1

You define USPs, solution areas or competencies you want us to highlight to your prospects.

Once the message is agreed we consider the selective criteria like Territories, Industry Sectors, Segments, Decision maker profile and technologies adopted.

Week 2

Target data sets
Vendimus or (optional yourself) provide a list of 200-300 account names you would like get meaningful conversations with. Vendimus can profile and enrich the data sets using differnent sources such as AI assistet sales intelligece tools, data enrichment tools, company websites, social media plattforms or other GDPR compliant sources.
Data privacy is important to us, we respect "do not contact"
opted out prospect accounts.

Week 3-16

Lead Generation
We call all contacts in the data set in order to generate SQLs and follow up via 1:1 emails or social media reach out.

No mass mailing or posting! 

Leads are super qualified as we use the BANT method. 

Leads that do not meet BANT criteria are also dispatched
 to you in order to allow you nurturing process.

Vendimus schedules face-to-face meetings between you and
our prospected contact. Calendar invites are sent to both parties.


Ongoing & kicked-off post-campaign

You continue  to nurture leads that didn't meet the BANT criteria during the campaing until they become 
opportunities to convert.

Digital (follow up)
You might choose to continue to nurture leads that didn't 
meet the BANT criteria by social media plattforms.
If your sales cycle is longer than 6 months this is an effective alternative for convertion. Vendimus can help to
set your infrastructure up or provide ongoing support.

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Vendimus around the world

Vendimus was foundend in 2015, our headquarter is located in Luxembourg, right in the heart of Europe. 
Our subsidiary in Portugal is complementing our international competence. 
The German sales team helps you to tailor your campaign precisely to your needs.


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Kolbstr. 31a

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We live and breathe multicultural:

+12 spoken languages | +10 nationalities inhouse

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